PTR What's this?

If you're not familiar with Paid To Read sites, or PTR as they are commonly called, the concept is really simple :
1.You sign up for a site
2. They send you emails containing ads and one or several links to click on to read the ad.
3. You get paid for every ad you view.
You can find hundreds of PTR and they come and go everyday.
Some sites are good and pay consistantly. Some sites are bad and don't pay or shut down without any notice. You just have to take your chances sometimes and test out a site to see what happens.

All PTR sites work almost the same way. They will typically send you 10 to 50 emails a day. The Money value from these mails is usually starting around 1/2 cent, some sites have better rates though.
You have to click on the message link and then stay on the page until the runner is finished (usually 15 to 30 seconds)

Each site has different rules for payment . Depending on how much a site pays you for each email you can reach payout in a week or so. The rate of the pay for each email will of course determine the time to reach payout, but usually low payers are real payers.

The way to really make (MUCH, and I mean really much!) money with these sites is if you get a lot of referrals. For every person who joins under you, you get a part of their earnings. You may also get a bonus from their sign up .
To get referrals, you can usually buy them on the site, or have them with your upgrade (members signing up without referrer are attributed to uppgraded members), or if you have a great friend network talk about it and propose to sign under you, or, advertise your referral URL (provided in the site) to advertise a particular site on other PTR you belong to.

Membership in PTR's are free but you can also pay to upgrade your account. Upgrades give you additonal benefits such as free refferals and advertising packages, or on some sites, more mails as well. You can use PTR's for advertising your own products or programs. The advertising rates are low and you get to blast your ad to many people. Some sites have a better response to advertising than others, it's then useful to keep them and use them to advertise those where you earn more money, even if those sites are sometimes slow earners.

Some people think PTR's are a waste of time for the little money you earn.
What do I think about? Well, unless you have a nice downline, it's true you'll make only little money, but little by little...pennies do add up, and with time and experience you'll certainly be able to build . So if you have time, it's definately worth a try !

Some tips :

* First you need an e-mail adress. I would advise to set up a separate email account to receive your PTR mails, so you can keep your regular one clean and not too crowded.

Here are a few email account allowing much space (believe me you'll need much space, lol)
- G.Mail : Google mail , work by invite (if you wish to set up a Gmail account just drop me a note with your alternate email, and I'll be glad to send you an invite)
- Yahoo : the new yahoo mail allows much more space than it did and a yahoo messenger lite version is embedded in, so you can stay in touch with your Yahoo online friends, without having to log in the regular messenger.
- Hotmail : works also fine though it wouldn't be my choice as you have to watch the spam/junk folder often due to their spam policies.

* Once you have your email account, you'll need to subscibe on payment processors. Most sites pay through Paypal, but other payment processors are used, such as AlertPay, E-Gold , Moneybookers (very rarely used in the PTR world).

*Alertpay seems the next big PTR payment processor
since Paypal has banned PTC sites from purchasing referrals through them.
Some PTC websites still payout with paypal. But, then if you're paid with Paypal, and you can't reinvest in this PTR to buy upgrades or referrals, it'll harm the PTR program in the long run

If you need to sign up to payment processors, here are the links :

* Begin little, as you can't really know how much emails a site will send, if you sign up with too many, you'll be soon overhelmed. You'll have plenty time to add sites : once you know where you go with those you already have you'll determine how many sites you can handle in an hour or two of clicking (or more depending on your available online time). You certainly don't want to spend your whole day clicking on emails.

* Don't sign up for site claiming they pay 1$ to 100$ per email read, these are scams!
a sounds too good to be true usually is!!!

*HIGHLY IMPORTANT : ALWAYS READ THE TERMS before signing up! Many people consider it's a waste of time, but all the information you need about payment (processors used, timeframe aso), cheat links, rules on each site's functionning are written there! so if you don't agree you'll know before sign up.