I became a member from Cash-Linkz already 2 weeks ago, but, as the site was down for necessary features adding, I thought it would be better to wait before writing a review.
Now the site is back online and running smoothly.

Designing of this site is simple and clear. Characteristics are as follow :

Membership :

Each ad click will give you 1.25 cent ($0.0125).
Payout $10 through Alertpay

I'm not upgraded and I get around 10 ads per day to click on.

Upgrading will give you the following benefits :

- $0.015 for each ad clicked.
- $0.0125 for each referral ad viewed.
- Priority Payments - Expect to be paid within 3 business days!
- Minimum of 20 ads daily (soon)

Premium Membership is $55.00 for a 1 year.

You can also buy referrals onsite, they have a 35 referrals package for $35

Advertising :

Advertising plans begin at $1.50 for 100 unique visits (more here)

I have no referrals and my earnings as of today are

My opinion :

My opinion , considering the site was down often since I did sign up, is that my earnings are not so bad when taking this fact into consideration. Now that they're back online, I'll have to see if they still continue to deliver the same amount of clicks everyday.
Considering their advertising prices, this program seems sustainable

Isabelmarco's moneymaker

Isabelmarco's moneymaker is one of the latest site I signed in this week. I do belong to their membership since only 2 days.

What attracted me?
They took the time to translate the whole site into many languages (obviously english ; german ; dutch ; spanish; portuguese), and even if some translation errors can be spotted here and there, I find it's a nice and new idea, showing respect to their international members.

Membership :

$ 0.01 for each website you personally view ($0.015 if you upgraded premium)
$ 0.006 for each website your referrals view ($0.012 if premium)

Payout is $9. Payment requests can be made every day and are processed through Alertpay.

Price of the upgrade to premium is $8 for one month and $60 for one year.
You can also buy referrals (upon availability), they have different sets from 5 , 15, 35, 100 or 500 refs (price of the 5 refs set is $6.80)

I'm not upgraded and Since I signed up, I got around 20 ads to click every day, and, without any referral I did already earn 47 cents

Advertising :

Advertising plans begin at $3 for 500 visits ( for a detailed tarification you can see the prices here )

My opinion :

Though this site is still on test by me, it seems promising. I'll however give my personal opinion later, considering their ad prices.
Taking them "as is" makes the site unsustainable (they pay 1 cent per click, but if you divide $3 /500, the result is only a bit more than a 1/2 cent. However, this is not the only thing to take into consideration to see if a programm is or not sustainable...)