Today I have signed up at Clickyu. I thought about doing so since a certain time already, and when I saw an ad for this program today, I decided to give it a try.

Membership :

As free member you will get 0.75 cent per ad you view

0.25 for each ad your referrals view.

As a premium member you will get 1 cent per ad you view

0.5 cent for each ad your referrals view.

Payout : $5

Upgrade :

Right now, Clickyu has 2 very interesting offers : regular premium Membership is $29.99 for 1 year BUT through March this upgrade will be offered for $19.99 AND the first 100 will get this upgrade for life !!

This is what you get when you upgrade :

  • 1 cent per click
  • 5 free referrals if available
  • 15 second timer
  • Double first level referrals earnings from 0.25 cents to 0.50 cents per click
  • Priority Payments - get paid in less than 2 days.
  • Priority Support

You can also puchase referrals at this rate :

They have a 10 referrals package for $9.95

Advertising :

This month Clickyu offers also very interesting deals concerning advertising, hereunder regular as well as advertising special 1/2 price (even more than 1/2, the more you buy the cheaper it is!) :

  • 100 Member visits $3 >>>>>$1.76
  • 250 Member visits $7 >>>>>$3.49
  • 500 Member visits $14 >>>>$6.38
  • 1000 Member visits $28 >>>>$12.15
  • 2000 Member visits $50 >>>>$23.70
  • 3000 Member visits $75 >>>>$35.25
  • 5000 Member visits $125 >>>$58.35
  • 10000 Member visits $250 >>>$116.10
And as a bonus you'll get this : (offer available through March too ) : Anyone that buys an ad package gets 1 referral for every 100 ads purchased.

Blog Special ! : once you're a member and if you have a blog you'll get 1 free referral if you post about their advertising special (bloglink has to be submitted via Clickyu's contact page)

My opinion :

Though it's still a bit early to have a firm opinion about Clickyu, I think it's a very promising site. Seeing their offers concerning upgrade and advertising, I did something I've never done and upgraded immediately. I'm now Member4 life and got my 5 referrals (who by the way are active ones>> I do precise it because often sites do not check if the refs they allow are or not active)

Concerning advertising rates, the site seems sustainable.


03/27/2008 UPDATE :

Since hours now the site seems to be down
Server problems?
Don't know what to think about, but CAUTION!!

Will keep you all informed


I was doing my daily clickings when I clicked on an ad for a new program which is still in prelaunch.This new site is and will be on prelaunch until tomorrow. So this is the time to catch in and begin your referral quest!

Here is Buxplus offers
- Membership is FREE. +
$0.10 signup bonus.
- Earn a very generous $0.01 per link clicked.
- Earn a very generous $0.01 for each website your referals view.
- Realtime reports of your earnings.

- Get paid to Play.
- Click & Referral contests.

Payments are processed through AlertPay, E-gold, Liberty Reserve and PayPal.