new program alert : uronlinebux

pened today, and baked by the reputable URONLINEBIZ eZine with a brand new security enforced script.

UrOnlineBiz is a well known eZine in GPT world, established since many years and treating about all kind of money making programs, from PT programs to HYIP and MLM.

The decision to open a PTC site is part of a long term project in order to have more insight in PTC owner daily work and improvement of PTC industry, as well as improving their reviews about other PT sites.
They're working together with programmer to improve security and anti-cheat measures, as well as developping new site features.

Here's what you'll get at URONLINEBUX :

Membership FREE + $0.05 signup bonus
$0.01 for each website you view
$0.01 for each website your referrals view
Payout $10 through Alertpay

Referral packages :

5 referrals : $ 6.95
35referrals : $ 34.65
100referrals : $ 89.95
500 referrals :$ 459.00

Upgrade :

The Premium Membership comes with the following features:

Ads guaranteed loaded with minimum 20 ads every Day!
Earn $0.0125 each click and $0.0125 each click from your referrals.
Priority Payments.

One Year premium membership is $59