Yes this post is dated 2009....weird? no, not that much, as I just want it to stay at the top of my blog and until now, didn't figure another way to do it (advices from more experienced bloggers are welcome !!)

March 25 th
Also, I'm VERY busy lately (preparing my april travel to China with my son), I do my best to keep this blog updated and post, but I'm not much clicking my PTC since a few days (had to chose between clicking and writing here)

As latest update, I would say I'm a bit disgusted...managed to have around 90 referrals for Buxplus, but the site is in 404 error (read my post here) this, added to the lack of time, explains maybe why I took a "click pause".

Feel free to left me a comment, or maybe you want me to talk about a particular matter in PTC? Just ask, and if I'm able to answer, I'll do it with great pleasure !


I noticed that some of you did sign up under me at one or another program, but since I don't know you ;o), it would be very nice to let me a comment (on the post reviewing the site you registered to) so I could at least thank you !!!


In the coming days I'll have to do a little cleaning in my PTC programs, I have again to delete some (no scams but just some sites I don't appreciate, for different reasons)

Also I'll leave for my long ago planned travel to China the last week of may. I'll be absent from home almost 2 monthes and be back around mi-july.
Expect a short offline period, as I will have access to a computer there, but it'll not be mine, and will miss many of the softwares I use, so I'll need a few "adaptation".


I'm back, alive and kicking ! (and posting ;o) )

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