If you've read my post about "springtime clean", you've probably noticed that I was a member at Kooplinks, and that this site was "on hold" concerning my decision to keep it or leave it.
Astonishingly (and I'm happy to have waited before deciding), just a few days after I wrote that post, the number of links available to click increased significantly (for example, today I had about 10 links to click, which is an honnest rate).
That's why I review this site now, as I choosed to keep it.

I'll not enter in details concerning Kooplinks. Their choice and variety of possible advertisings, as well as different premium memberships and referral packages is so wide that it'll be much better for you to see for yourself at their site.

Here 's just a little general information :

The site opened on Feb 7th 2008
> You get paid $0.0025 up to 0.01
> The minimum payout is $0.02 (2 cents)

My opinion :

This site climbed at almost 9000 members in less than a month, and the communication skills from owner and staff did certainly much to bring this site were it is now.
I already loved this site and was a bit dissapointed when I saw I had not much to click on. Now that ad rate did increase, I'm very happy to have decided to wait and think before leaving.
What I love with this site is the very low payout (remember, 2 cents !), this payment can even be automated to receive it daily (when available on your balance) through Paypal Mass-payout.
Communication coming from staff is remarkable since the beginning concerning informing members on updates or anything important.
The choice of advertsing means and upgrade possibilities is so huge that I doubt I could find more at any other site. (at least not at those I'm member of)
To summarize, this site is almost perfect, and best from all, is also sustainable!


HugeBux started the 14th jan. and counts now around 800 members.

Membership :

$0.01 per link clicked
$0.005 for each link your referals view
Minimum payout is $10 through PayPal (may be removed), Moneybookers , E-gold, or Alertpay

With upgrade :

- +15% first level referrals earnings more, that means $0.00575.
- +25% increase in personal clicks ($0.0125)
- 5 free referrals to your downline.
- Priority Payments - get paid in less than 2 Days.

Premium Membership is $ 7.99 for a 2 months membership

You can purchase un-referred HugeBux members at this price (different sets) :
3 referrals set : $3
10 referrals set : $9.50
20referrals set : $18.50
100 referrals set : $92.50

Advertising :

Members can only click on your ad once every 24 hours. Non members hits are free and unlimited.
Prices are as follow :

500 members visit : $3
1000 members visit : $5
2000 members visit : $9.50
3000 members visit : $14
5000 members visit : $18
10000 members visit : $35
20000 members visit : $67 .... (you can advertise up to 100 000 members)

My opinion

Nice site with around 5-10 ads per day.
The membership does however not grow very fast, and this site has still a long road to travel before it becomes a big hitter. But there's no reason , with a little more promotion, why they shouldn't progress.
Advertising rates are cheap, but still sustainable and with many options.
I look forward for their forum opening (still in "coming soon" ) and proofs of payment.