"Paid to" springtime clean

The last week was very active concerning PTR for me. After 2 weeks, I began to check all the "Paid to" programs I belong to since recently, and to separate those I would keep and those I would unsubscribe from.
This is not always an easy task...
When it is only about removing scam programs, the decision is not hard to take, but, as I'm revolving around the "Paid to" sphere since quite a long time, I do not very often sign into blatant scams anymore (happens sometimes though, lol). So this jobs consists more in supressing those who are not working for me.
This because of various reasons, including (but not limited at) :
- the weak amount of mail received
- what I earned during my test period (this depending also from the payout minimum at a particular site)
For example :

  • Program A sends me 10 mails/day at a 1 cent rate, and the payout minimum is $10 (I obviously keep)
  • Program B sends me around 10 mails /day at 1/4 cents rate but the payout is $2 (I'll certainly keep)
  • Program C sends me also 10 1/4 cents a day but payout is $10 (I'll certainly unsubscribe)
  • Program D sends me 1 cent link , but only 2 a day (I'll certainly unsub too)
- not in my advertising priorities, so no refs, and earnings which do not increase

Programs I unsubscribe from are NOT TO BE classified as scams. If ever I notice there's a evident scam in "Paid To" sites I'm member of, I will cleearly label it and write a warning here in my blog.

The second part of my last's week job was also to find new programs to test.

Sites I unsubscribed from :

Matrix Mails
(allthough this is a very good site with established reputation, I receive such a low amount of mails that it'll take me ages to reach payout)

AdPaid.com : Same problem as Matrix Mails (in worse for me : I signed up on 02/12/08, and so far made only $0.0321)

Sites on hold : Updated here !!

(I just love this site, the webmaster and the staff are super nice, but not much clicks for me. HOWEVER if you like Paid To Signup, it's a great site ! and the payout is only 0.02! That's why I have kept it "on hold" right now, I'll take my decision later, the site is still very new)

Sites I signed in : (they're all reviewed in detailed posts )

10Bux : The advertising hit of the moment... (review done, click here to read)
Hugebux (review done click here )
(review in "construction")
Wordlinx (review done click here )
Isabelamarco's moneymaker (review done, click here to read)