My search funds : why not earn money while searching?

April 25 th
New IMPROVED search results : search with Yahoo, Live Search or, and soon GOOGLE

This is not really PTC or PTR but it's still PAID this time !

First of all I have to precise that My Search Funds pays in £ (british pounds) which is a VERY high currency (higher than Euro and Dollar).

Everybody does searches on Internet, usually on Google, or Yahoo or any other search engine, and all those well known search providers receive advertising revenue from many of the companies featured in their search results.

My Search Funds has partnered with to reward users and loyalty by paying out a large portion of this advertising revenue when the search is made through one of their boxes. By combining all this search traffic they are able to negotiate a stronger deal with and passing 50% of this revenue back to you.

It's very simple : you certainly already have an integrated search box on your browser, usually featuring Google , Yahoo or Live Search. When you sign up at MySearchFunds, it'll simply add one search provider ( on the list already installed. What you'll have to do is chose this one when yo do a search, or set it as default(if you use Ask to access another search engine (Google etc) you will still be able to view the results, but no revenue will be generated!)

The service currently works on Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 7 ( IE7) and Mozilla/ Firefox browsers.
Vista is also supported.

You search as normal, like what you already do, but now you earn for FREE by using them as your search provider!
How much you earn depends only on you and on the number of searches for your typical day to day Internet searches.
You can also earn more by referring people and create a downline ( see below)

1st level : YOU (you earn 50% of the total search revenue)

What is great is that MySearchFunds will pay you some of their 50% from your friends searches in return for you referring them :

2nd level : your direct referrals (YOU earn10% of the revenue from their searches)
3rd level : your referrals's referrals (YOU earn 5% of the revenue from their searches)
4th level : referrals from your referral's referrals (YOU earn 2,5 % of the revenue from their searches)

You can chose to by paid either by Paypal, either into your bank account.
They pay every 30 days, 45 days after each month end. e.g. Searches done in April are paid in mid June.

Please note that MySearchFunds reserves the right in its sole discretion to disallow any searches and/or terminate the account of any individual generating searches outside of the Terms and Conditions including (but not limited to) click fraud, automated search tools, no repetitive searching or anything which could be construed by or their affiliate partners as deliberate attempts to generate revenue without regard to the results being returned.

So, this is something you do already every day, completely FREE and you could start earning right away! What are you waiting for??? SIGNUP IS HERE :o)

My personal experience :

I use Mysearchfunds now since 2 weeks, and quality of the results is good in my opinion, I have always found what I was searching for. I'm not a "heavy searcher" I would say I have an average of 10-12 searches à day more or less (161 searches total), and as of now I have earned £ 2.70 ($ 5,36) !!!


FoxCash opened its door on april17th, and however its very fast growing (~6600 members as of today) it's still time to promote it and get your downlines.

Here are FoxCash's characteristics :

Membership is FREE + $0.005 sign up bonus

You'll get paid $0.0150 for each website you personally view
$0.01 for each website your referrals view.
Payout $ 5. through Alertpay

UPDATE 6th may 2008 :
Min Payout has been increased to $10

Upgrades :

Surf Ads guaranteed loaded with minimum 15 ads every Day!
Earn $0.02 each click and $0.0125 each click from your referrals.
Priority Payments.

Price : $25 one full year

Referral packages :

5 members for $10
100 members for $110
Limited 500 Members for $490

Advertising :

100 members visits : $ 5
500 members visits : $10
1000 members visits : $ 17
2500 members visits : $ 40
5000 members visits : $ 75
10000 members visits : $165
50000 members visits : $720

More options available.

My Opinion :

VERY TRUSTABLE site from the owner of Xclicks. This program began its growing very fast with more than 6600 members joining in 2 days!!
As a regular member I got around 10 ads/day as of now, and in my opinion, this is a very good site considering its owner reputation of honesty .
Moreover this site's prices are fully sustainable


Persian PTC is the latest site I did subscribe to and I can say I'm not deceived until now.
Contrary to the majority of other PTC sites, this one doesn't provide any links, but real banners to click.
Persian PTC opened its doors on 8th april, so it's still time to get in and advertise it.

here's what you'll get :


Membership is FREE + $1 signup bonus !!

May 15th Update : Payout for FREE members reduced to $ 5 !!
But, because of this reduced payout, the signup bonus was reduced to $0.10
That's nice, I like this lowered payout !

  • Per click $0.01 - $0.05 (PTC worth 1-5 cents)
  • Per free sign up $0.2 - $1 (PTS worth 20cent-1dollar
  • $7 minimum payout for free members.
  • $6 for Bronze Members,
    $5 for Silver Members,
    $3 for Gold Members

    and NO minimum payout for Diamond Members

  • To upgrade, you should Sign-up and then you will be able to upgrade your membership via e-gold or your Account Balance
  • %25 Level 1 commission and $0.02 Referral Bonus
  • Payment requests are processed within 1-48 hours.
  • Payouts only via : EGold, and soon through Paypal


    They're for 2 years and begin at $40 (the 2 years!) for the bronze membership this is a you'll get for this upgrade :

    Referral Suction: x1 (1 Referral from each 18 members that signup without a referrer)
    Minimum Payout: $6 within 3days
    Advertising Packages:
    10.000 Banner Rotation & 100 PTC x 3cent (timer: 60s) + Gift: 60 PTC x 5cent (timer: 100s)

    I won't detail all 4 different upgrades here, but obviously, everything is proportionnal. Price ranges between $40 for 2 year and $200 for the diamond membership (2 years also)


    3 types of Advertising:

    PTC ads PTS ads Banner rotation ads

    They have so much different advertising available, that it would be ridiculous to write them all down here, but you can check them for yourself here : (then click on the advertising mean you're interested in, to see the rates)

    My Opinion :

    What first attracted me may seem a bit ridiculous, but it's the layout of the site, lol As for now, I don't know if I'll upgrade at Persian PTC as it's still a bit early (remember I'm only member since yesterday!) Signup bonus deducted, I made 47 cents in one day membership, which is very good knowing that I have no referral at all. The ad prices make this site sustainable

    programs paying $100 or more per link : scam? turn them to your advantage!

    As many of you are aware of, there's a bunch of sites offering $100 or more per mail read and payouts around $1000.
    While these sites are not credible, obviously unsustainable and certainly SCAMS, I considered joining some of them.
    WHY? Let me explain :

    Most of these sites have a huge member database, usually above 10.000 members (it's amazing to see how many people do fall in the get rich can one believe it's possible to be paid hundreds just to read a mail??? it'll always makes me wonder)

    With such huge databases, these sites are are a perfect spot where to send YOUR advertisement for your programs.
    So, instead cashing out and bite my fingers waiting for a payout which will never come, I do just redeem for ads and blast my ads to theses 10.000 + members.
    The return is not exceptional, but I do grab referrals with this mean, and at least it's almost FREE (except the time you spent clicking their ads to reach the redemption (redeem for ad) availability.

    I'll will soon update this post with links to some of these sites! stay in touch !

    Oh, forgot to add !! Many of those programs are in fact not SCAMS! WHY? just read their TOS : usually it specifies that the site is NOT paying but only a "redeem for ads" one.
    I know I'll repeat myself....but READ THE TOS when you register!

    jargon fish : a cool widget and an exceptional staff !

    I do sometimes post entries not related in any form to GPT world but about opportunities I found and thought they could be interesting for my fellow readers too.

    Today I'm happy to introduce JargonFish and the very nice experience I had with its helpful staff.

    What the hell is JargonFish??
    To make things short it's a widget for your blog, which can be fully customizable to fit your own needs.

    What makes this widget exceptional is that, once installed and customized, JargonFish will highlight or underline keywords YOU did select on YOUR blog or website pages.
    When your readers click on one of these keywords, a small window will open (so that your readers wont quit your site), displaying several helpful ressources related to the clicked keyword (i.e. BlogCatalog,Yahoo! Search, YouTube, Flickr, Wikipedia,Technorati, Amazon, Ebay,as well as creating your own custom tools).

    You can add as many or few from the ressources cited above, you have complete control on what you choose to display on your widget based on what content you find useful or relevant to your site.

    This is a screenshot from how the widget will display if you click on one of the keywords (you can also see the keywords in use on my posts : those are underlined in blue)

    And, ohhh!!! forgot to add, this widget is completely FREE!!

    Technically, it consists to add a piece of Javascript on your page or blog template, by editing the HTML and inserting this code between the "HEAD" tags.

    It's very easy and fast done, moreover, when you'll register, you'll receive a very nice welcome email, and someone will be personally in charge to give you all the help you need if ever you struggle with the installation or customization.

    My personal experience with my "personal contact" at JargonFish was awesome, not only was he very friendly and helping, but also impressively fast in answering my problem.
    I have a customized template, which made the installation a bit more complicate, and I'm also really far from being a HTML genius. The whole problem was solved in a couple of hours, with a top notch communication from my personal contact there, letting me know point after point how the solving of my problem was evolving!

    If you're interested in this awesome widget, click below

    new program alert : uronlinebux

    pened today, and baked by the reputable URONLINEBIZ eZine with a brand new security enforced script.

    UrOnlineBiz is a well known eZine in GPT world, established since many years and treating about all kind of money making programs, from PT programs to HYIP and MLM.

    The decision to open a PTC site is part of a long term project in order to have more insight in PTC owner daily work and improvement of PTC industry, as well as improving their reviews about other PT sites.
    They're working together with programmer to improve security and anti-cheat measures, as well as developping new site features.

    Here's what you'll get at URONLINEBUX :

    Membership FREE + $0.05 signup bonus
    $0.01 for each website you view
    $0.01 for each website your referrals view
    Payout $10 through Alertpay

    Referral packages :

    5 referrals : $ 6.95
    35referrals : $ 34.65
    100referrals : $ 89.95
    500 referrals :$ 459.00

    Upgrade :

    The Premium Membership comes with the following features:

    Ads guaranteed loaded with minimum 20 ads every Day!
    Earn $0.0125 each click and $0.0125 each click from your referrals.
    Priority Payments.

    One Year premium membership is $59