Velocity clicks turned out to be a SCAM

Sadly, Velocity Clicks turned out to be a SCAM... while I hate to be one of the first calling a program scam, I have also to inform my readers when I'm sure that one or another program turns bad. Especially when that said program is still up and running...It's my duty to warn my readers that subscribing there would be a loss of time as well as a source of deception. I did also send a private message through VC to all my active referrals.

The story :
Velocity clicks was very promising, and paying very fast too (read my review here) he did pay me as well as thousand of members before the beginning of a very complicate "story".

Soon after the opening, and as the site was growing very fast (about 500 members joined daily) some forums and people already mentionned that Velocity Click's owner was a certain Eric Lew, former owner of Icashout (a site who vanished, letting all its members unpaid, and a recognized scam).
As I said above, I usually hate to follow the first scam callings, as I prefer to see for myself how things are turning, so I was actively reading articles and threads about VC, but decided to keep on clicking there (at that time I hadn't reached my first payout, and I'm happy I did click further, because at least I was paid for it). But also, when having numerous sites telling it could be a scam, I was at least a bit wary and did not invest in upgrades or referrals.
Though, then, just after my first payout, the "mess" began seriously :

As answer to threads that were accusing him to be that "Eric Lew from I cashout" the owner of VC defended himself by telling he was not. At that time, VC's owner was still very much communicating through forums( his own as well as many other).
After a few weeks, allthough members were happy with the payouts (which were very fast and always done) a number of complaints concerning referral sales appeared on these forums and at the VC forum as well.
People were complaining referrals did vanish from their downline, other mentionned that they did buy referral packs but that almost all of them were inactive.
Though it's the risk when you buy referrals, VC had a replacement policy and members wanted their "inactives" replaced, which is legitimate. Conveniently, this replacement policy was suddenly non applicable, or only applicable if... (various changes were done)...
At VC forum, posts stating this vanished overnight, and a few days later the forum itself was unreachable during a few days. After it's reopening, 3 days were missing and it was told to members that he had to backup three days ahead as the most recent backups had not been done..go figure...

You can read further about here :
*Long thread with the whole story
* thread from Assoth

In the following week, suddenly, site as well as forum were unreachable, and at a dedicated PT forum, there were posts from a certain Assoth, former mod from VC forum telling that he had been abused by VC's owner, that it was really the scammer Eric Lew who lied to everybody and, last but not least, that he (Assoth) did hack the site as a revenge, and stole all the money in Velocity click's Alertpay account...

The site came back online 2 days after, but with strange signs, showing it could be a scam ...80 to 100 links everyday (only around 15 before), no online support anymore, no forum as well (and forum never came back online)
At that time I was very close to 2nd payout, so I decided to continue clicking even though...and as soon as I reached $10, I asked for payout.
My payout was placed in "pending" which is normal, but 3 days after , it showed as "paid" in my VC account but this was NOT TRUE! My Alertpay account did not have any incoming money transfer...
I would have bother writing to support, but I had also friends who were member at VC, and it was exactly the same for them : account showing "paid" as they were not.

Velocity click is now a proven scam who DOES NOT pay its members. It's sad, because it had a very promising beginning, and with all this story, I still don't know who scammed who (the owner or Assoth), but what I know is that at the end it were the members who have been usual...