PTR PTC Paid to : everything moves, nothing changes

That was a post I wanted to write since long ago, but I had to sort my memories before.
I'm "playing" in the "paid to" world since more than 4 years now, and many transformations occured during these years.

When I began, it was the time of "annies biz" and "AprilGoldGetPaid2", seasoned PTer's will certainly remember.
At that time PTC was consisting mainly by clicking on banners which were also advertised on those sites, but on another page, separated from the "regular" mail messages.
You received mails either in your onsite inbox, or at your private email account (or both, ; though usually you had the choice)
Some sites did send loads of emails everyday, and the value was between $0.001 and $0.01 (1 cent value was however rare), and it was almost a pain to click all these links daily.
Then there was a first turn : searches !!
Do you remember searches? all those searches...hundreds of was very time consuming.
Then, search engines did get upset (because, after all, all these searches were not natural : I mean, you didn't search because you needed to search something particular or enquire about something, you searched because you were paid for that)

Nowadays, the large majority of GPT sites are PTC (as opposed to the "old" ones who were mainly PTR), but with the difference that it's not clicking on banners anymore but clicking on links without having to read a whole mail message and check if it's a cheat link or not.

Anti cheat measures are different, GPT industry is also very different, although it's goal is still the same. : cheap advertising for advertisers, little earnings for the clickers, and obviously a little benefit for the program owner.
The last "fashion" is the "BUX" sites...what will be the next one?

The "old standard" GPT do still exist, with regular mails, as well as searches ; some of the best did survive, but they're certainly do not belong to the current standard anymore.
One of these little gems is one of my preferred programs, I always had wonderful answer to my advertising (you can read more about it here )

Nothing stays the same, everything moves and evolves, but in fact nothing changes...