Using an autoclicker is a very bad idea !

Auto-clickers (or bots) become a real menace for PTC industry lately, and maybe you did already notice that many PTC sites implemented more and more anti-cheat measures.

What's a auto-clicker you may ask?
An autocliker is a software that automates clicks and allows dishonest members to cheat a PTC program. Thus in order to earn a max commission in a minimum amout of time. Usually, and that's the common rule, members do first have to log in their account, and then click on the available links, one after another, waiting each ad to have it's timer over.

With an auto-clicker, everything is automated, except the account login. That means the member has still to log in his account, set the bot and than the software will scan the page for links and auto-click of them. And all of this runs in the background.


Obviously, as these clicks are not "human" ones, they are strictly forbidden, and considered as cheating and illegal in each serious program TOS. After all, the goal of a PTC site, is to actually SHOW ads to people. If no one looks at the displayed ads, no advertiser will buy ad campains they'll see their ads were not effective, and won't come back anymore.
And a program who can't sell ads anymore, will die soon.

It's also highly unfair for honnest members, If I am an advertiser, and buy, for example a 1 cent to 1000 members, my ad will maybe be clicked by 100 bots and deprive 100 other members, honnest ones, from wieving my ad, and earning a comission for it. I will be deceived by the results of my campain won't advertise there anymoreand won't be the only one .
The program won't have any more ads to show, the programm owner will be broken by having paid out cheaters, and will maybe not be able to pay the reamining payout requests. Bots will have killed the site!!

What 's the risk to use autoclickers?

If the Program Owner finds out You use that type of software (and believe me they will investigate your account before paying you, especially since the use of bots became so important) you'll lose ALL your earnings and be BANNED. It may seem to you it's "working" and it can work a while, but as soon you'll request payment, your account will be checked.

PO's do talk together, at least some of them, some also do post in PTC dedicated forums and they'll maybe give usernames from those who had been found cheating, so you even risk to lose your earnings and accounts at several programs.

Another thing is often forgotten by the autoclickers users : many of these bots are "rotten", I mean when you download them, and also when using them.
Some of them have built-in trojans and other kinds of nasty crap such as virii, worms aso. while some other do load them during the sofware download.
If you're worried by your security and your PC's health, know that by downloading these bots, you put yourself at risk. You should better think twice before downloading this kind of programs...

What do PTC owners do to prevent the use of auto-clickers?

Well, several measures have took place in order to get rid of this. Many POs did even set up several different anti-cheat systems, as one alone could be not enough to spot a bot. This can include

  • Login page with touring number (CAPTCHA)
  • End of timer with CAPTCHA, or at any other time in the ad
  • Cheat links (a link clearly noted as "cheat link do not click", but the bot will only see a link, not read what's specified above, and will click even though)
  • Session time out
  • IP monitoring
  • Simple questions or mathematic operations asked before accessing the ad or after the timer is finished

Other measures that I'm not aware of do certainly exist too...

In conclusion, If you began PTC, it's certainly because you like it, it's not a hard job, and well paid for what has to be done. If you want to be paid for it in the long run, cheating the program is really a bad idea.
If you find it's a too hard work...then think about quitting PTC and do something else.
Advertisers wants to show their ads to real people, and as long as this happens, they'll keep on spending money in PTC, and we will keep on earning...

So...think twice....for your earnings, and for your computer health, DO NOT USE AN AUTOCLICKER!


Patrick Ermacora said...

Hello Lyloo,

This is a really good post, i really enjoy read it, i don't have much time this week to work on my own blog :(. But keep going i like post like that ;)

Passe une très journée !

lyloo said...

Thank you Patrick
I know what it is, lol I have hardly time to update my blog too, and as I try to post regularly, I have to do it late on evening or very early in the morning...this results in a big lack of sleep :o(
wishing you a wonderful day as well!