10Bux started the 19th february and I did sign up a few days later. If you're already involved in "Paid to", you certainly saw a huge amount of ads for this site. It is also already very popular and counts now more than 12 000 members.

Membership :

Join Bonus : $ 0,05
$ 0,01 for every click you perform
$ 0,005 - For every click your referrals performs
Payout $ 10,0

I'm not upgraded and I receive around 5 to 10 mails a day
My earnings as of today are 48 cents.

If you upgrade you'll have the following benefits :

*Ability to see when your referrals were last active!
* Earn 5% if your referrals purchase a premium membership! That means that if a referral of yours purchases a lifetime premium membership, you'll get $11.25 automatically added to your balance!
*5 cents for every referral your referrals purchase! That means that if a referral of yours purchases a 500-ref pack, you'll get $25 automatically added to your balance!

* $0.015 each click (50% increase!) and $0.01 each click from your referrals (100% increase!).
* Priority Payments.

Cost of the upgrade varies depending on which you choose :
1 month is $9.90
1 year is $69
Lifetime is $225

You can also buy referrals at this cost :
5 members set $9.95
35 members set $59.65
100 members set $ 149.95
Limited! 500 Members set $599.95

Advertising :

They charge $1.99 per 100 members visits and each visit will last at least 30 seconds. Outside visits are unlimited and included within the price. Bigger packages are given at discounted rates (see here). They do not accept websites that promote adult content or illegal activity or sites that use frame breakers.

Particularity one of the greatest benefits of advertising with 10Bux.net is if your ad stays active for a long enough time, it will be picked up by search engines like Google and will give your site an extremely high page rank because you are linked from a high traffic website!

My opinion :

A site that promises much.
The admin is the same as PaidClicks, and however I don't belong to this site, it's webmaster has a very good reputation and is known as being one of the owner making the fastest payments.
Checking at the advertising rates, this site is sustainable.