BGPaymail : My heart's choice!

My story with BGPaymail is a very particular one, and also very personal, that's why I tell it "my heart's choice" and that's why I won't enter the details and stick only at the site particularities concerning PTR world. If ever you sign up, you'll discover your own particular story with this site, you just have to be good at guessing and reading between the lines, and never hesitate to drop an e-mail to the webmaster .
This site is the only one I kept, since I'm involved with PTR. I began PTR in 2004, and stopped during 2 years almost ; and if I'm not wrong, BGPaymail was one of the first sites I signed in.
It took me long before I realised that it was a very particular PTR with a very particular and fantastic webmaster. If you take the time to read (and I mean really read, from the first to the last line) his ad messages, you'll find that they're full of typos, riddles and other particularities. This belongs to something I could call "a game in the game", and if you take the time to send an e-mail, telling you noticed something strange (and also when applicable, your idea about the "strange thing" ) you'll surely be rewarded in return. Everything you do there is always rewarded, even posting at the forum sometimes., or just being kind, helpful or polite.

BGPaymail is a very slow earner if you do only blindly click on the links, but, believe me or not, I earned way more there than at any other PTR.( see screenshot below !!!)

Members are great, and there I found the dearest friends I have online. We all met on BGPaymail's forum and we stick together since that time (wow, I just realised it was 4 years ago, and 4 years of fantastic frienship :o) )

BGPaymail is also one of the best place I ever found concerning advertising. If you want to advertise something, this is the place to go!!! members have a fantastic response. It survived my PTR pause and disgust, and if only one has to survive, it will be him! You'll read many bad and mean comments about this site, but I can ensure you that those who wrote these comments didn't understand anything....

A brand new one :


Today I signed up at This site is still in prelaunch, and this is the main reason why I did sign up : the newest a PTR is, the easiest the promotion is, and the more chances you have to have referrals.
As for now I don't have any particular opinion about this site. Launch will be tomorrow (the 18th feb), So the story has to be continued in a few days when I'll have been able to make myself an opinion.

Update from 23rd february : (6 days after sign-up)

Clicks are 1/2 cent, and you get paid an additional $ 0.005 (a 1/2 cent too) for each website your referrals view.
Payout is $5 through Alertpay.
Advertising price is as follow (for formal link advertising) :
250 member visits : $ 2.49 ___________2500 member visits : $ 22.40
500 member visits : $ 4.94
___________5000 member visits : $ 45.00
1000 member visits : $ 9.50
_________10000 member visits : $87.98

I did advertise this program and managed to get 6 referrals. Here's a screenshot from my earning as of today :