My search funds : why not earn money while searching?

April 25 th
New IMPROVED search results : search with Yahoo, Live Search or, and soon GOOGLE

This is not really PTC or PTR but it's still PAID this time !

First of all I have to precise that My Search Funds pays in £ (british pounds) which is a VERY high currency (higher than Euro and Dollar).

Everybody does searches on Internet, usually on Google, or Yahoo or any other search engine, and all those well known search providers receive advertising revenue from many of the companies featured in their search results.

My Search Funds has partnered with to reward users and loyalty by paying out a large portion of this advertising revenue when the search is made through one of their boxes. By combining all this search traffic they are able to negotiate a stronger deal with and passing 50% of this revenue back to you.

It's very simple : you certainly already have an integrated search box on your browser, usually featuring Google , Yahoo or Live Search. When you sign up at MySearchFunds, it'll simply add one search provider ( on the list already installed. What you'll have to do is chose this one when yo do a search, or set it as default(if you use Ask to access another search engine (Google etc) you will still be able to view the results, but no revenue will be generated!)

The service currently works on Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 7 ( IE7) and Mozilla/ Firefox browsers.
Vista is also supported.

You search as normal, like what you already do, but now you earn for FREE by using them as your search provider!
How much you earn depends only on you and on the number of searches for your typical day to day Internet searches.
You can also earn more by referring people and create a downline ( see below)

1st level : YOU (you earn 50% of the total search revenue)

What is great is that MySearchFunds will pay you some of their 50% from your friends searches in return for you referring them :

2nd level : your direct referrals (YOU earn10% of the revenue from their searches)
3rd level : your referrals's referrals (YOU earn 5% of the revenue from their searches)
4th level : referrals from your referral's referrals (YOU earn 2,5 % of the revenue from their searches)

You can chose to by paid either by Paypal, either into your bank account.
They pay every 30 days, 45 days after each month end. e.g. Searches done in April are paid in mid June.

Please note that MySearchFunds reserves the right in its sole discretion to disallow any searches and/or terminate the account of any individual generating searches outside of the Terms and Conditions including (but not limited to) click fraud, automated search tools, no repetitive searching or anything which could be construed by or their affiliate partners as deliberate attempts to generate revenue without regard to the results being returned.

So, this is something you do already every day, completely FREE and you could start earning right away! What are you waiting for??? SIGNUP IS HERE :o)

My personal experience :

I use Mysearchfunds now since 2 weeks, and quality of the results is good in my opinion, I have always found what I was searching for. I'm not a "heavy searcher" I would say I have an average of 10-12 searches à day more or less (161 searches total), and as of now I have earned £ 2.70 ($ 5,36) !!!