Persian PTC is the latest site I did subscribe to and I can say I'm not deceived until now.
Contrary to the majority of other PTC sites, this one doesn't provide any links, but real banners to click.
Persian PTC opened its doors on 8th april, so it's still time to get in and advertise it.

here's what you'll get :


Membership is FREE + $1 signup bonus !!

May 15th Update : Payout for FREE members reduced to $ 5 !!
But, because of this reduced payout, the signup bonus was reduced to $0.10
That's nice, I like this lowered payout !

  • Per click $0.01 - $0.05 (PTC worth 1-5 cents)
  • Per free sign up $0.2 - $1 (PTS worth 20cent-1dollar
  • $7 minimum payout for free members.
  • $6 for Bronze Members,
    $5 for Silver Members,
    $3 for Gold Members

    and NO minimum payout for Diamond Members

  • To upgrade, you should Sign-up and then you will be able to upgrade your membership via e-gold or your Account Balance
  • %25 Level 1 commission and $0.02 Referral Bonus
  • Payment requests are processed within 1-48 hours.
  • Payouts only via : EGold, and soon through Paypal


    They're for 2 years and begin at $40 (the 2 years!) for the bronze membership this is a you'll get for this upgrade :

    Referral Suction: x1 (1 Referral from each 18 members that signup without a referrer)
    Minimum Payout: $6 within 3days
    Advertising Packages:
    10.000 Banner Rotation & 100 PTC x 3cent (timer: 60s) + Gift: 60 PTC x 5cent (timer: 100s)

    I won't detail all 4 different upgrades here, but obviously, everything is proportionnal. Price ranges between $40 for 2 year and $200 for the diamond membership (2 years also)


    3 types of Advertising:

    PTC ads PTS ads Banner rotation ads

    They have so much different advertising available, that it would be ridiculous to write them all down here, but you can check them for yourself here : (then click on the advertising mean you're interested in, to see the rates)

    My Opinion :

    What first attracted me may seem a bit ridiculous, but it's the layout of the site, lol As for now, I don't know if I'll upgrade at Persian PTC as it's still a bit early (remember I'm only member since yesterday!) Signup bonus deducted, I made 47 cents in one day membership, which is very good knowing that I have no referral at all. The ad prices make this site sustainable