My latest signup is a clickin'me.
This is a brand new site, opened one week ago who seems to have interested many people, as it counts already more than 23 000 members!

This sites combines many new features as well as some good points like the staff presentation page with pictures and short bios and a very low payout of $1.99 (through Alertpay)
The most interesting feature is the "test referral " one, : this is very new in the industry, and still I wonder why noone thought about it before :

- You can buy test referrals for 48 hours at different rates depending how much you wish to test (sets of 10, 20, 50 and 100 refs are available, the cost varies between $3.98 and $25.98) and if you're satisfied after 2 days, you can buy them forever.
This is a very nice feature, as it allows you to check if your refs do actually click.
Though you will have to check often to be able to buy them as they are very fast sold.
When you wish to purchase them after the test period, the cost is between $16.45 for 10 refs and $119.45 for a set of 100.

They also offer a "regular" referral sale at these rates :

1 referrals : $ 2.99
5 referrals : $ 9.99
10 referrals : $ 16.99
20 referrals : $ 29.99
50 referrals : $ 59.99
100 referrals : $ 119.99

Something important to know is that you will earn more from your referrals if they're bought ones : as you're earning $0.75 cents per click for your personally referred downline, you'll get 1 cent per click from bought referrals.

Premium membership is also slightly different from other sites.
First because you have many more uprade options.
You can upgrade for 48 hours, 1 month, 2 months or lifetime.
Here are the main advantages of an upgrade at Clickin'me :

- for each own click 1.50 cents
- for each direct referral click .75 cents
- for each bought referral click 1.00 cent
- all ads refresh after each 8 hours (that means you can click 3 times a day !!)
- you need to watch ads only 15 seconds
- we guarantee you at least 40 ads daily
- your payouts and payments will be handled as "priority"
- You will be able to write messages to your referrals

Price of the upgrades are as follow :

2 days : $ 6.97
1 month : $ 29.97
2 months : $ 43.97
Lifetime : $ 79.97

Obviously, the price is more interesting lifetime!

Special feature Super package :
Lifetime premium membership + 100 referrals + 10 000 ads! >>>$ 149.99 (limited offer !)

Caution for chinese members : must be upgraded in order to cash out.

My opinion :
Well, this seems to be one of the most promising sites I registered at lately.
I just enjoy their "test referrals" feature and bought a set of ten which I paid forever after the 48 hours test as they were all active ones
After a week membership, I already have around $9 in my account, and eventhough the cashout is at $1.99 I'll wait to have $10 before asking.
I seriously think about upgrading there, be it only for the number of ads available.

3rd september :

Following Patrick's request in my post comments here's an update about clickin'me :
I did reach the $ 1.99 payout very fast so I decided to wait having reached $10 before cashing out (I prefer having some "consequent "amount sent to my AP account)
This was done the 30th august and I asked to be paid early in my morning.
I was paid the same day of my request !!

Here's my payment proof: