10Bux started the 19th february and I did sign up a few days later. If you're already involved in "Paid to", you certainly saw a huge amount of ads for this site. It is also already very popular and counts now more than 12 000 members.

Membership :

Join Bonus : $ 0,05
$ 0,01 for every click you perform
$ 0,005 - For every click your referrals performs
Payout $ 10,0

I'm not upgraded and I receive around 5 to 10 mails a day
My earnings as of today are 48 cents.

If you upgrade you'll have the following benefits :

*Ability to see when your referrals were last active!
* Earn 5% if your referrals purchase a premium membership! That means that if a referral of yours purchases a lifetime premium membership, you'll get $11.25 automatically added to your balance!
*5 cents for every referral your referrals purchase! That means that if a referral of yours purchases a 500-ref pack, you'll get $25 automatically added to your balance!

* $0.015 each click (50% increase!) and $0.01 each click from your referrals (100% increase!).
* Priority Payments.

Cost of the upgrade varies depending on which you choose :
1 month is $9.90
1 year is $69
Lifetime is $225

You can also buy referrals at this cost :
5 members set $9.95
35 members set $59.65
100 members set $ 149.95
Limited! 500 Members set $599.95

Advertising :

They charge $1.99 per 100 members visits and each visit will last at least 30 seconds. Outside visits are unlimited and included within the price. Bigger packages are given at discounted rates (see here). They do not accept websites that promote adult content or illegal activity or sites that use frame breakers.

Particularity one of the greatest benefits of advertising with 10Bux.net is if your ad stays active for a long enough time, it will be picked up by search engines like Google and will give your site an extremely high page rank because you are linked from a high traffic website!

My opinion :

A site that promises much.
The admin is the same as PaidClicks, and however I don't belong to this site, it's webmaster has a very good reputation and is known as being one of the owner making the fastest payments.
Checking at the advertising rates, this site is sustainable.



I became a member from Cash-Linkz already 2 weeks ago, but, as the site was down for necessary features adding, I thought it would be better to wait before writing a review.
Now the site is back online and running smoothly.

Designing of this site is simple and clear. Characteristics are as follow :

Membership :

Each ad click will give you 1.25 cent ($0.0125).
Payout $10 through Alertpay

I'm not upgraded and I get around 10 ads per day to click on.

Upgrading will give you the following benefits :

- $0.015 for each ad clicked.
- $0.0125 for each referral ad viewed.
- Priority Payments - Expect to be paid within 3 business days!
- Minimum of 20 ads daily (soon)

Premium Membership is $55.00 for a 1 year.

You can also buy referrals onsite, they have a 35 referrals package for $35

Advertising :

Advertising plans begin at $1.50 for 100 unique visits (more here)

I have no referrals and my earnings as of today are

My opinion :

My opinion , considering the site was down often since I did sign up, is that my earnings are not so bad when taking this fact into consideration. Now that they're back online, I'll have to see if they still continue to deliver the same amount of clicks everyday.
Considering their advertising prices, this program seems sustainable

Isabelmarco's moneymaker

Isabelmarco's moneymaker is one of the latest site I signed in this week. I do belong to their membership since only 2 days.

What attracted me?
They took the time to translate the whole site into many languages (obviously english ; german ; dutch ; spanish; portuguese), and even if some translation errors can be spotted here and there, I find it's a nice and new idea, showing respect to their international members.

Membership :

$ 0.01 for each website you personally view ($0.015 if you upgraded premium)
$ 0.006 for each website your referrals view ($0.012 if premium)

Payout is $9. Payment requests can be made every day and are processed through Alertpay.

Price of the upgrade to premium is $8 for one month and $60 for one year.
You can also buy referrals (upon availability), they have different sets from 5 , 15, 35, 100 or 500 refs (price of the 5 refs set is $6.80)

I'm not upgraded and Since I signed up, I got around 20 ads to click every day, and, without any referral I did already earn 47 cents

Advertising :

Advertising plans begin at $3 for 500 visits ( for a detailed tarification you can see the prices here )

My opinion :

Though this site is still on test by me, it seems promising. I'll however give my personal opinion later, considering their ad prices.
Taking them "as is" makes the site unsustainable (they pay 1 cent per click, but if you divide $3 /500, the result is only a bit more than a 1/2 cent. However, this is not the only thing to take into consideration to see if a programm is or not sustainable...)

How to get referrals?

That's the billion dollar question...How to get referrals in any kind of Paid To program?

We all know that the way to really make money with these sites is to get as much referrals as possible in your downline.As for any person joining under you, you'll get a percentage of their earnings. This percentage varies from one program to another.
Having a consequent downline is the only way to make much money in Paid To programs, but then, how to do in order to attract potential referrals?

I'll only list the most simple ways to get referrals here, assuming that those who read my post are not "professionnal" advertisers with already huge downlines ;o)

1- First of all, do you have friends who could be interested in PTR? I mean, online friends as well as "real life " friends. This is a good point to start building your downline. If so, talk with them and introduce the programs you trust the most. It would be a pity to lose some friends because you lied on program, telling they're good but finding out at the end that they're not paying...
Send them a mail to motivate them and explain what you're doing (I just LOVE my friends but I wouldn't follow them blindly in their ventures without any explanation)

2- Join some dedicated Paid To forums and add your referral links into your signature (take care though and read their TOS, because some forums do not allow links in signatures)
Once you joined, post a lot, and be friendly and helpful, the more you post, the more your links will be seen, and as for being friendly, it seems logical that no-one would like to sign under an unfriendly person.

3- Try to set up a webpage or a blog, and promote your programs there.
Stay simple if it's your first attempt, as it'll be very time consuming if you try it complex. You'll lose your focus on PTR and spend too much time on trying to understand how to design your website.
Put your referral banners as well as some comments about the site(payout, how many ads per day, if the admin seems responsive and serious, as well as some notes about your personnal experience about the site)
Tell also a bit about yourself, as we all know that people will be more attracted by someone they feel "close to" and they'll more likely sign under for the same reasons.
Do not advertise too much programs on the same page...ask yourself which reaction you would have if you saw a page full of blinking banners and referral links...I'm sure you would close the page in the very same minute, anyway...I would!

Here's a link where you can create a free website, it's just an example, you can find many of those sites just by typing "free website" in your prefered search engine.

Creating a webpage will allow you to spend less into advertising, when you'll buy some advertising, you'll send traffic to YOUR site where all your programs are listed, instead of buying advertising for each and every program.

4- Try to find good deals of advertising on the programs you already belong to (paid to signup for example, or just a classical "paid to read" ad).
When you begin to promote, try to find the cheapest possible.

5- Browse the web if you try to join a particular audience. Some programs are USA/UK/CANADA/AUSTRALIA only, if you're not living in any of these countries, you won't be able to sign up as a member there, but some of them do allow advertisers from "outside".
From my personal experience, I got the best advertising results and the most active referrals from one of these programs. Advertising there is not more expensive than at any other site, but then you're sure you'll get "quality" referrals.
By "quality" referral, I mean coming from "search friendly" countries ; their searches will be accepted on search engines, and as many ads do promote searches, the most ads your refferals will be able to perform, the more you'll earn from them.(these countries are not limited to US/UK... but, unless you have a "targeted ad" option you can't usually have US+ europe, which are actually the "search friendly" countries)

6- Don't promote a PTR which is hardly promoted by anyone, you won't attract many people.There's an exeption though : if the program is brand new! this is the best moment to promote !!
In the same view, don't promote those having hundreds of thousand members as they have certainly reached a maximum point, and it will be hard to find more members : those who were interested in did certainly already sign up.

7- Try all the free means : manual surf, autosurf, traffic exchange, link exchange programs...
these are not much successful, but you'll certainly catch one or another referral , and as it is free ...

And last but not least : don't give up! your advertising results will certainly be very dissapointing in the beginning, but with much perseverance you'll have sucess and maybe, who knows, have one of these big promoters with a lot of referrals in your downline.

Some useful advices

* Get a special mail account devoted to PTR, some sites do send around 100 mails per day and your regular mail account would soon be "polluted" , setting a separate account allows to keep your regular one clean for important mails.

* When you sign up to a PTR site, you'll usually have the choice to receive search ads or not to receive them. If you choose to get them, then you have to do the searches correctly (see below >>*How to do a valid search) in order to receive more mails. It's usually possible to see if members are doing valid searches, and if you don't you'll receive less and less mails). Searches are time consuming, and if you're short on time better chose not to receive them.

* When you set up your account profile, you'll certainly have to choose
categories of interest, these categories do show up as a list and you have to checkmark those you're interested in.
NEVER blindly click all the categories, as many admins do insert some lines such as "delete me" , "I can't read english" "I use autooclicker" "I cheat" aso... If these lines are checked, your account will be DELETED and you'll lose your membership as well as all earnings you made :o(
PTR is very easy, but
I urge everybody to CAREFULLY read everything, at sign up as well as the ad messages themselves.
Many admins do now and then send CHEAT LINKS , and if you don't read carefully you'll click on the confirmation link which is a cheat link purposedly set to check if you actually read the mails. These links are clearly noticeable and mention things like "cheat link, do not click" or something similar.

Do VALID searches : some rules do apply for a search to be valid :
When you click on the mail link, you'll be brought to a search engine page
1. click on a keyword
2. DO NOT CLICK ON ANY RESULT before the next page is fully loaded
3. When the result page is fully loaded, wait again a couple of seconds before clicking on a result
4. Sometimes a result will lead you to another search engine, repeat then the whole above procedure.
Be careful, because too much invalid searches can end in your IP being banned (from search engines)

* Ads do have
timers (timer lenght is different from one site to another) and the same rule applies to every PTR : never click another link before the timer is ended.
You can however click on other links from other PTR's while you wait.

BGPaymail : My heart's choice!

My story with BGPaymail is a very particular one, and also very personal, that's why I tell it "my heart's choice" and that's why I won't enter the details and stick only at the site particularities concerning PTR world. If ever you sign up, you'll discover your own particular story with this site, you just have to be good at guessing and reading between the lines, and never hesitate to drop an e-mail to the webmaster .
This site is the only one I kept, since I'm involved with PTR. I began PTR in 2004, and stopped during 2 years almost ; and if I'm not wrong, BGPaymail was one of the first sites I signed in.
It took me long before I realised that it was a very particular PTR with a very particular and fantastic webmaster. If you take the time to read (and I mean really read, from the first to the last line) his ad messages, you'll find that they're full of typos, riddles and other particularities. This belongs to something I could call "a game in the game", and if you take the time to send an e-mail, telling you noticed something strange (and also when applicable, your idea about the "strange thing" ) you'll surely be rewarded in return. Everything you do there is always rewarded, even posting at the forum sometimes., or just being kind, helpful or polite.

BGPaymail is a very slow earner if you do only blindly click on the links, but, believe me or not, I earned way more there than at any other PTR.( see screenshot below !!!)

Members are great, and there I found the dearest friends I have online. We all met on BGPaymail's forum and we stick together since that time (wow, I just realised it was 4 years ago, and 4 years of fantastic frienship :o) )

BGPaymail is also one of the best place I ever found concerning advertising. If you want to advertise something, this is the place to go!!! members have a fantastic response. It survived my PTR pause and disgust, and if only one has to survive, it will be him! You'll read many bad and mean comments about this site, but I can ensure you that those who wrote these comments didn't understand anything....

A brand new one : ClickPay.ca


Today I signed up at
ClickPay.ca. This site is still in prelaunch, and this is the main reason why I did sign up : the newest a PTR is, the easiest the promotion is, and the more chances you have to have referrals.
As for now I don't have any particular opinion about this site. Launch will be tomorrow (the 18th feb), So the story has to be continued in a few days when I'll have been able to make myself an opinion.

Update from 23rd february : (6 days after sign-up)

Clicks are 1/2 cent, and you get paid an additional $ 0.005 (a 1/2 cent too) for each website your referrals view.
Payout is $5 through Alertpay.
Advertising price is as follow (for formal link advertising) :
250 member visits : $ 2.49 ___________2500 member visits : $ 22.40
500 member visits : $ 4.94
___________5000 member visits : $ 45.00
1000 member visits : $ 9.50
_________10000 member visits : $87.98

I did advertise this program and managed to get 6 referrals. Here's a screenshot from my earning as of today :

Velocity Clicks : a revolution in PTC!

This is my NUMBER 1 choice lately. Let me explain...
Velocity Clicks is going to change the PTR/PTC world, I think unless many other sites can match its great offers and quick support system. It has also an uncommon look who makes it showing out of the crowd and is really eyes catching.

Currently Velocity Clicks has kept his promise of providing 13+ ads a day (13 ads daily for free members, 25+ for upgraded). They have also great deals concerning upgrades and referral sales. I'm still a free member, and I got usually more than these promised 13 ads daily.

Velocity Clicks is officially open only since beginning February, and counts already 7000+ members.
His owner belongs to the DTM forum as a "serious program owner"(which I do highly recommend if you need tips and guidelines on any online business , their reputation and serious is well known in online business world) .

I did sign up last week and made only one ad on another site to promote my link and gain a few referrals. It was successful (in my opinion ;o) some would find 14 refs ridiculous) I got 14 in only 2 days. Only half of them are active, but hey it's not that bad.
My opinion is that as soon as I'll be able to upgrade, I will!

Payout at Velocity Clicks is $10 through EGold and Alertpay

Here's a screenshot from my earnings as of today :

Here's an update screenshot on my earnings 5 days after the one above :

And here is my first payment proof :

I reached payout the 29th Feb, that means 13 days after having signed in at Velocity clicks