jargon fish : a cool widget and an exceptional staff !

I do sometimes post entries not related in any form to GPT world but about opportunities I found and thought they could be interesting for my fellow readers too.

Today I'm happy to introduce JargonFish and the very nice experience I had with its helpful staff.

What the hell is JargonFish??
To make things short it's a widget for your blog, which can be fully customizable to fit your own needs.

What makes this widget exceptional is that, once installed and customized, JargonFish will highlight or underline keywords YOU did select on YOUR blog or website pages.
When your readers click on one of these keywords, a small window will open (so that your readers wont quit your site), displaying several helpful ressources related to the clicked keyword (i.e. BlogCatalog,Yahoo! Search, YouTube, Flickr, Wikipedia,Technorati, Amazon, Ebay,as well as creating your own custom tools).

You can add as many or few from the ressources cited above, you have complete control on what you choose to display on your widget based on what content you find useful or relevant to your site.

This is a screenshot from how the widget will display if you click on one of the keywords (you can also see the keywords in use on my posts : those are underlined in blue)

And, ohhh!!! forgot to add, this widget is completely FREE!!

Technically, it consists to add a piece of Javascript on your page or blog template, by editing the HTML and inserting this code between the "HEAD" tags.

It's very easy and fast done, moreover, when you'll register, you'll receive a very nice welcome email, and someone will be personally in charge to give you all the help you need if ever you struggle with the installation or customization.

My personal experience with my "personal contact" at JargonFish was awesome, not only was he very friendly and helping, but also impressively fast in answering my problem.
I have a customized template, which made the installation a bit more complicate, and I'm also really far from being a HTML genius. The whole problem was solved in a couple of hours, with a top notch communication from my personal contact there, letting me know point after point how the solving of my problem was evolving!

If you're interested in this awesome widget, click below