As some of you may have noticed, this blog has not been updated since....well...too long, lol.
Many changes occured since the last time I've written here. My family has increased with two members (my wonderful twin girls who are now 7 months), I have moved to a bigger house too.
I think I don't have to explain why I stopped PTC/PTR aso...It's just because I lack of time obviously.
Anyway, I still (and even more now, because like my family, my charges did increase as well) need some money, mainly because I don't want to lose the house I'm in now, and also to offer my children a decent life without too many privations.
But then I have to find something more fast earning, because I can't spend hours and hours behind my screen just for pennies.
In my search I've found that data entry jobs (including ad posting, article writting and so on) could be a good opportunity.
Sadly, most of the internet businesses in this field are just here to take your money without offering any serious job to do.
I'll repeat myself, never signup if entry fees are asked, NEVER! Just think : why would you have to pay in order to have work ??? usually it's the opposite, right?

So, that said, I have selected some sites wich I will devellop in the coming days with my reviews as well.
Stay in touch !!!