Velocity Clicks : a revolution in PTC!

This is my NUMBER 1 choice lately. Let me explain...
Velocity Clicks is going to change the PTR/PTC world, I think unless many other sites can match its great offers and quick support system. It has also an uncommon look who makes it showing out of the crowd and is really eyes catching.

Currently Velocity Clicks has kept his promise of providing 13+ ads a day (13 ads daily for free members, 25+ for upgraded). They have also great deals concerning upgrades and referral sales. I'm still a free member, and I got usually more than these promised 13 ads daily.

Velocity Clicks is officially open only since beginning February, and counts already 7000+ members.
His owner belongs to the DTM forum as a "serious program owner"(which I do highly recommend if you need tips and guidelines on any online business , their reputation and serious is well known in online business world) .

I did sign up last week and made only one ad on another site to promote my link and gain a few referrals. It was successful (in my opinion ;o) some would find 14 refs ridiculous) I got 14 in only 2 days. Only half of them are active, but hey it's not that bad.
My opinion is that as soon as I'll be able to upgrade, I will!

Payout at Velocity Clicks is $10 through EGold and Alertpay

Here's a screenshot from my earnings as of today :

Here's an update screenshot on my earnings 5 days after the one above :

And here is my first payment proof :

I reached payout the 29th Feb, that means 13 days after having signed in at Velocity clicks