programs paying $100 or more per link : scam? turn them to your advantage!

As many of you are aware of, there's a bunch of sites offering $100 or more per mail read and payouts around $1000.
While these sites are not credible, obviously unsustainable and certainly SCAMS, I considered joining some of them.
WHY? Let me explain :

Most of these sites have a huge member database, usually above 10.000 members (it's amazing to see how many people do fall in the get rich can one believe it's possible to be paid hundreds just to read a mail??? it'll always makes me wonder)

With such huge databases, these sites are are a perfect spot where to send YOUR advertisement for your programs.
So, instead cashing out and bite my fingers waiting for a payout which will never come, I do just redeem for ads and blast my ads to theses 10.000 + members.
The return is not exceptional, but I do grab referrals with this mean, and at least it's almost FREE (except the time you spent clicking their ads to reach the redemption (redeem for ad) availability.

I'll will soon update this post with links to some of these sites! stay in touch !

Oh, forgot to add !! Many of those programs are in fact not SCAMS! WHY? just read their TOS : usually it specifies that the site is NOT paying but only a "redeem for ads" one.
I know I'll repeat myself....but READ THE TOS when you register!