As some of you may have noticed, this blog has not been updated since....well...too long, lol.
Many changes occured since the last time I've written here. My family has increased with two members (my wonderful twin girls who are now 7 months), I have moved to a bigger house too.
I think I don't have to explain why I stopped PTC/PTR aso...It's just because I lack of time obviously.
Anyway, I still (and even more now, because like my family, my charges did increase as well) need some money, mainly because I don't want to lose the house I'm in now, and also to offer my children a decent life without too many privations.
But then I have to find something more fast earning, because I can't spend hours and hours behind my screen just for pennies.
In my search I've found that data entry jobs (including ad posting, article writting and so on) could be a good opportunity.
Sadly, most of the internet businesses in this field are just here to take your money without offering any serious job to do.
I'll repeat myself, never signup if entry fees are asked, NEVER! Just think : why would you have to pay in order to have work ??? usually it's the opposite, right?

So, that said, I have selected some sites wich I will devellop in the coming days with my reviews as well.
Stay in touch !!!

GetPaidToBoycott (GPTB) : double standard !!

** This post will stay at the top of my blog and is dated 2009, be sure to scroll down if you want to read about PTC/PTR reviews **

I do NOT support GetPaidToBoycott

BEWARE of GPTBoycott for they are not what they proclaim to be.
They have NO CREDIBILITY, NO AUTHORITY & most importantly, NO LICENSE!
And if you value your privacy "beware" of joining there.

That's what they claim "The aim of GPTBoycott is to name the offending 'get-paid' companies, and to urge our visitors to stop using them. If you're tired of companies stealing your time and money, and if you want to know which sites to avoid, take a look around this site, and help us stamp out fraudulent behaviour online!"

"Once upon a time" I thought GPTB was usefull, until I understood their double standard : do what we say, not what we do... and their illogical complaint management :

*Accusing sites to run ponzi scheme ads, MLM, adsense, while they do widely advert them on GPTB
* Allowing complaints when the problem is ALREADY solved by the program owner and when the member who wrote the complaint did already retract.
*Accepting complaints against sites from people when they don't have ANY possibility to know if these people are actually members of the said site (in fact they have no way to verify anything)
Means that everybody can post a complaint about a site : a cheater who was caught and not paid...a member who wants a personal revenge with the PO can call all his friends to post a complaint wether his friends are or not can even post multiple complaints as long as you do it from different computers with different names, or even anonymous...
*10 complaints have to be raised against a site to have it boycotted wether this said site has only hundreds of members or thousands>> this is not logical!
*They allow complaints , but don't allow praises : that means that only one voice can be heard.
* Mods and admins of the forum being judge and jury, which is unethical, and allowing bashing and name calling, as well as personal attacks towards people when they try to defend a program or when they don't agree...

Last but not least : while I see many "paying " and honnest programs listed in their watch or boycott list, many known scams are not!
I do certainly forget much, but this was just to tell some reasons why I do not support them anymore. If you're interested further you can visit some of the links I provide hereunder.
2 established programs are involved, these are since years in the PTR industry, and are known to have ALWAYS paid their members!



Yes this post is dated 2009....weird? no, not that much, as I just want it to stay at the top of my blog and until now, didn't figure another way to do it (advices from more experienced bloggers are welcome !!)

March 25 th
Also, I'm VERY busy lately (preparing my april travel to China with my son), I do my best to keep this blog updated and post, but I'm not much clicking my PTC since a few days (had to chose between clicking and writing here)

As latest update, I would say I'm a bit disgusted...managed to have around 90 referrals for Buxplus, but the site is in 404 error (read my post here) this, added to the lack of time, explains maybe why I took a "click pause".

Feel free to left me a comment, or maybe you want me to talk about a particular matter in PTC? Just ask, and if I'm able to answer, I'll do it with great pleasure !


I noticed that some of you did sign up under me at one or another program, but since I don't know you ;o), it would be very nice to let me a comment (on the post reviewing the site you registered to) so I could at least thank you !!!


In the coming days I'll have to do a little cleaning in my PTC programs, I have again to delete some (no scams but just some sites I don't appreciate, for different reasons)

Also I'll leave for my long ago planned travel to China the last week of may. I'll be absent from home almost 2 monthes and be back around mi-july.
Expect a short offline period, as I will have access to a computer there, but it'll not be mine, and will miss many of the softwares I use, so I'll need a few "adaptation".


I'm back, alive and kicking ! (and posting ;o) )

PTCNation - Control your financial destiny!

PTC nation


Get in while it's time and grab your VIP membership for 6 monthes (value $50)
(To Anyone who signs up during Pre-Launch )

All Balances will be reset on Grand opening! The Top 3 Clickers will receive a cashout (As a special incentive to become involved, the Top 3 users with the most Experience Points will receive a Triple Cashout!!! )



My latest signup is a clickin'me.
This is a brand new site, opened one week ago who seems to have interested many people, as it counts already more than 23 000 members!

This sites combines many new features as well as some good points like the staff presentation page with pictures and short bios and a very low payout of $1.99 (through Alertpay)
The most interesting feature is the "test referral " one, : this is very new in the industry, and still I wonder why noone thought about it before :

- You can buy test referrals for 48 hours at different rates depending how much you wish to test (sets of 10, 20, 50 and 100 refs are available, the cost varies between $3.98 and $25.98) and if you're satisfied after 2 days, you can buy them forever.
This is a very nice feature, as it allows you to check if your refs do actually click.
Though you will have to check often to be able to buy them as they are very fast sold.
When you wish to purchase them after the test period, the cost is between $16.45 for 10 refs and $119.45 for a set of 100.

They also offer a "regular" referral sale at these rates :

1 referrals : $ 2.99
5 referrals : $ 9.99
10 referrals : $ 16.99
20 referrals : $ 29.99
50 referrals : $ 59.99
100 referrals : $ 119.99

Something important to know is that you will earn more from your referrals if they're bought ones : as you're earning $0.75 cents per click for your personally referred downline, you'll get 1 cent per click from bought referrals.

Premium membership is also slightly different from other sites.
First because you have many more uprade options.
You can upgrade for 48 hours, 1 month, 2 months or lifetime.
Here are the main advantages of an upgrade at Clickin'me :

- for each own click 1.50 cents
- for each direct referral click .75 cents
- for each bought referral click 1.00 cent
- all ads refresh after each 8 hours (that means you can click 3 times a day !!)
- you need to watch ads only 15 seconds
- we guarantee you at least 40 ads daily
- your payouts and payments will be handled as "priority"
- You will be able to write messages to your referrals

Price of the upgrades are as follow :

2 days : $ 6.97
1 month : $ 29.97
2 months : $ 43.97
Lifetime : $ 79.97

Obviously, the price is more interesting lifetime!

Special feature Super package :
Lifetime premium membership + 100 referrals + 10 000 ads! >>>$ 149.99 (limited offer !)

Caution for chinese members : must be upgraded in order to cash out.

My opinion :
Well, this seems to be one of the most promising sites I registered at lately.
I just enjoy their "test referrals" feature and bought a set of ten which I paid forever after the 48 hours test as they were all active ones
After a week membership, I already have around $9 in my account, and eventhough the cashout is at $1.99 I'll wait to have $10 before asking.
I seriously think about upgrading there, be it only for the number of ads available.

3rd september :

Following Patrick's request in my post comments here's an update about clickin'me :
I did reach the $ 1.99 payout very fast so I decided to wait having reached $10 before cashing out (I prefer having some "consequent "amount sent to my AP account)
This was done the 30th august and I asked to be paid early in my morning.
I was paid the same day of my request !!

Here's my payment proof:

Payed !!!

Nice surprise to open the mail account and read "you received a payment" from Paypal !!
Especially when no payment was expected...
The cashout is usually at £ 20

This nice surprise came today from MyHomepageFriends (formerly My Search Funds)


Raison sociale :
My Search Funds
Adresse email de l'acheteur :
Montant total :
£6,20 GBP
Tarif :
-£0,44 GBP
Total :
£5,76 GBP (égale -£5,76 GBP)

Conversion de :
-£5,76 GBP
Conversion en :
€7,09 EUR
Taux de change :
1 Livre Britannique = 1,23207 Euros

Date :
27 jul 2008
Heure :
07:19:48 PDT
Etat :

Objet :
My Search Funds vient de vous envoyer £5,76 GBP par le biais de PayPal
Remarque :
As a special thanks for using our service we have for this month lowered our payout limit for you from £20!!

Enclosed payment for period to May 31st 2008!

Thanks for using our service and please tell your friends!

DROP 12 : dedicated to blog advertisement!

Update september 2008 : This site became a "sign up for online offers". So do notsign up unless you're interested in being paid for completing online offers

Drop12 is one of my latest signups, and I wanted to seize that occasion to make a post about this new site dedicated especially to blog advertisement (even if one can do "regular" advertising too).
Obviously, I'll also make a full review later, after a few time membership like I usually do.

The aim of Drop12 is to earn money by viewing blogs/ads AND commenting!
This can seem unusual, but is a brilliant idea, as advertisers will have some feed back from their visitors, and will then surely return and advertise again.
Drop12 allows bloggers to advertise their sites and blog readers to earn money while they read or view a blog!

Drop12 wants to have a serious member base, and therefore, they did implement some rules wich are as follow (I quote) :

1. In order to cashout, you must be a Premium member and have an active account in the forum.
2. If your email rejects mails, you have falsified information to us and we will be deleting your account without question. If you have question about reinstating your account you will have to contact us directly.
3. We encourage our none premium members to sign up in the Forum, it
will eventually be a requirement if you wish to request and receive a payout!
4. As a none premium member you will only be allowed to refer 50 people directly underneath you. As a Premium member you can refer as many as you want! However, under both premium and none premium members you can purchase however many refs as you want!

5. The site visitation timer has been reset and you will have to spend 40 second on a site. You have to be active in the site and show your support to our advertisers, otherwise this is where we will keep the seconds.

Again, in order to request a payout, you will have to become a premium member ( We may only have this up temporary to secure that DISHONEST individuals be pruned/purged from this excellent community of folks.)

I'm usually not really agreeing about having to be premium in order to cashout, but if it can help the site (which is still new) to get serious honnest and interested people as members, and if it's only temporary, why not. PTC world is full of dishonnest members, and this can be a way to discourage those folks to sign up at a site.

Here are Drop12's main characteristics :

$0.01 per click and $ 0.005 per referral click.
Cashout is $9 through Paypal or to redeem for ads
Payout is temporarily only if you're premium and is made in 7 days after cashout, but it might be faster.
When the temporary measure will be terminated, then payout will be in 22 days for free members and 7 days for premium.

Right now there's a comment contest on at Drop12, the winner will get 2 free refs.
This contest will last until july 31th.

Give it a try, if the rules set in place can seem very strict in comparison to other sites, this talks in favor of the owners wish to built a serious site and to keep it serious. As a blog writer, I know how frustrating blind clicks can be. If these rules can allow to get a bit more attention from our readers this would be a great step and improvement done in the blogosphere