Some useful advices


* Get a special mail account devoted to PTR, some sites do send around 100 mails per day and your regular mail account would soon be "polluted" , setting a separate account allows to keep your regular one clean for important mails.

* When you sign up to a PTR site, you'll usually have the choice to receive search ads or not to receive them. If you choose to get them, then you have to do the searches correctly (see below >>*How to do a valid search) in order to receive more mails. It's usually possible to see if members are doing valid searches, and if you don't you'll receive less and less mails). Searches are time consuming, and if you're short on time better chose not to receive them.

* When you set up your account profile, you'll certainly have to choose
categories of interest, these categories do show up as a list and you have to checkmark those you're interested in.
NEVER blindly click all the categories, as many admins do insert some lines such as "delete me" , "I can't read english" "I use autooclicker" "I cheat" aso... If these lines are checked, your account will be DELETED and you'll lose your membership as well as all earnings you made :o(
PTR is very easy, but
I urge everybody to CAREFULLY read everything, at sign up as well as the ad messages themselves.
Many admins do now and then send CHEAT LINKS , and if you don't read carefully you'll click on the confirmation link which is a cheat link purposedly set to check if you actually read the mails. These links are clearly noticeable and mention things like "cheat link, do not click" or something similar.

Do VALID searches : some rules do apply for a search to be valid :
When you click on the mail link, you'll be brought to a search engine page
1. click on a keyword
2. DO NOT CLICK ON ANY RESULT before the next page is fully loaded
3. When the result page is fully loaded, wait again a couple of seconds before clicking on a result
4. Sometimes a result will lead you to another search engine, repeat then the whole above procedure.
Be careful, because too much invalid searches can end in your IP being banned (from search engines)

* Ads do have
timers (timer lenght is different from one site to another) and the same rule applies to every PTR : never click another link before the timer is ended.
You can however click on other links from other PTR's while you wait.