Payed !!!

Nice surprise to open the mail account and read "you received a payment" from Paypal !!
Especially when no payment was expected...
The cashout is usually at £ 20

This nice surprise came today from MyHomepageFriends (formerly My Search Funds)


Raison sociale :
My Search Funds
Adresse email de l'acheteur :
Montant total :
£6,20 GBP
Tarif :
-£0,44 GBP
Total :
£5,76 GBP (égale -£5,76 GBP)

Conversion de :
-£5,76 GBP
Conversion en :
€7,09 EUR
Taux de change :
1 Livre Britannique = 1,23207 Euros

Date :
27 jul 2008
Heure :
07:19:48 PDT
Etat :

Objet :
My Search Funds vient de vous envoyer £5,76 GBP par le biais de PayPal
Remarque :
As a special thanks for using our service we have for this month lowered our payout limit for you from £20!!

Enclosed payment for period to May 31st 2008!

Thanks for using our service and please tell your friends!


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