DROP 12 : dedicated to blog advertisement!


Update september 2008 : This site became a "sign up for online offers". So do notsign up unless you're interested in being paid for completing online offers

Drop12 is one of my latest signups, and I wanted to seize that occasion to make a post about this new site dedicated especially to blog advertisement (even if one can do "regular" advertising too).
Obviously, I'll also make a full review later, after a few time membership like I usually do.

The aim of Drop12 is to earn money by viewing blogs/ads AND commenting!
This can seem unusual, but is a brilliant idea, as advertisers will have some feed back from their visitors, and will then surely return and advertise again.
Drop12 allows bloggers to advertise their sites and blog readers to earn money while they read or view a blog!

Drop12 wants to have a serious member base, and therefore, they did implement some rules wich are as follow (I quote) :

1. In order to cashout, you must be a Premium member and have an active account in the forum.
2. If your email rejects mails, you have falsified information to us and we will be deleting your account without question. If you have question about reinstating your account you will have to contact us directly.
3. We encourage our none premium members to sign up in the Forum, it
will eventually be a requirement if you wish to request and receive a payout!
4. As a none premium member you will only be allowed to refer 50 people directly underneath you. As a Premium member you can refer as many as you want! However, under both premium and none premium members you can purchase however many refs as you want!

5. The site visitation timer has been reset and you will have to spend 40 second on a site. You have to be active in the site and show your support to our advertisers, otherwise this is where we will keep the seconds.

Again, in order to request a payout, you will have to become a premium member ( We may only have this up temporary to secure that DISHONEST individuals be pruned/purged from this excellent community of folks.)

I'm usually not really agreeing about having to be premium in order to cashout, but if it can help the site (which is still new) to get serious honnest and interested people as members, and if it's only temporary, why not. PTC world is full of dishonnest members, and this can be a way to discourage those folks to sign up at a site.

Here are Drop12's main characteristics :

$0.01 per click and $ 0.005 per referral click.
Cashout is $9 through Paypal or to redeem for ads
Payout is temporarily only if you're premium and is made in 7 days after cashout, but it might be faster.
When the temporary measure will be terminated, then payout will be in 22 days for free members and 7 days for premium.

Right now there's a comment contest on at Drop12, the winner will get 2 free refs.
This contest will last until july 31th.

Give it a try, if the rules set in place can seem very strict in comparison to other sites, this talks in favor of the owners wish to built a serious site and to keep it serious. As a blog writer, I know how frustrating blind clicks can be. If these rules can allow to get a bit more attention from our readers this would be a great step and improvement done in the blogosphere


Susie said...

Thanks for stopping over at my site! Your site is full of great information and useful tips. I saw Drop12 somewhere, and didn't pay attention to it, I look forward to seeing how it works for you-I need to get busy doing some advertising, monetize it as my boss told me!

Harry said...

Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you about a broken link on your site. Please email me back and I would be happy to point them out to you.